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Be guided by Sensei PPM Experts

A PPM solution can bring you many benefits, but making sense of all of the functions and features and relating them to your own requirements can be confusing.

Our years of experience have shown us that if organisations can’t easily articulate their requirements, it becomes difficult for vendors to provide them with a solution or a proposal that is likely to be accurate.

If you are having difficulty identifying your PMO and project delivery pain points, articulating your requirements and mapping them to a potential solution, speak to us about a complimentary half-day Envision Workshop, where Sensei will help align your needs with best practice, in a way that is practical and suitable for your organisation.

Special Offer

If you book a workshop before September 30, 2021, Sensei’s User Adoption Team will provide an additional complimentary planning session to guide you through a Learner Needs Analysis to identify the specific learning and ongoing user adoption requirements that will support you in achieving success with your PPM solution.

Assess your PPM Maturity

Sensei’s PPM maturity assessment utilises the P3M3 model, helping you to evaluate your current maturity levels and suggested maturity changes required for your People, Processes and Tool.

Identify your pain points

Analyse your organisation’s pain points, and identify what type of solution is best suited to alleviate them.

Build your internal business case

Learn how to create a business case to prepare your organisation for a PPM solution.

Define your return on investment & roadmap

Explore the many benefits of a PPM solution and the next steps for a successful implementation.

Ascertain industry best practice

Compare best practices for your industry through our extensive client use cases.

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