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What is rocket league

Here at Supersonic Boosting, you have access to the skill of our highly ranked players, loaning them access to your account to play on your behalf. You have a constant line of communication for updates and for you to message them at any time. They will up your rank and allow you to unlock the rewards that before may have seemed unreachable, pulling you out of the rank you are currently stuck in, from bronze all the way to supersonic legend.

How it works


Choose your game mode, current Rank and desired rank and place your order.


Provide your login info and any other important information using our secure system.


We secretly and securely login to your account, getting started on your boost, climbing the ranks and earning some rewards along the way.


Our work is done, you can now play in your desired rank and enjoy the rewards we unlocked for you!


Yes. Seasonal rewards are included with any rank boost, for a limited time.

When you place an order our boosters are notified and will start as soon as possible. This will be a maximum of 24 hours.

All of our boosters are trusted members of our team, you don’t have to worry about your items being taken, but for peace of mind you can trade them to one of your friends or an alt account.
Our boosters are instructed not to chat with friends or in game and to appear offline for your privacy.

Secure payments can be made on this website with credit cards and debit cards. To start the checkout, choose your boost settings above and then click “Boost Me”.

You can contact us on our contact page here.  You can also reach us on Discord and Twitter.

Our boosters are Supersonic Legend (SSL) in all game modes.
Currently we do not offer playing with the booster, this may be a feature we implement in the future. Please let us know on Discord if this is something you are interested in.
The booster will provide you with updates, if you want live updates there are multiple Rocket league rank trackers online you can use to watch us climb the ranks.
To allow the booster to play their best we do not live stream our boosts but if you would like replays to be saved you can request the booster to do so.

Rocket League Rewards

Rocket League releases seasonal rewards every couple of months.
Here are the rewards for last season.

Stay up to date

Join our Dischord to stay up to date with Rocket League news and rewards


Your security is paramount. Our systems are fully encrypted to your private information to keep it secure and give you peace of mind.


We know boosting can be a taboo topic so our service is completely private and that means your information is too.

All platforms

We boost on all platforms from PC, PS4 to Xbox to allow everyone access our services, providing that extra leg up against the competition.